• According to Prieur Leary, Cybersecurity Threats Often Internal

  • Posted on July 15, 2018
  • As Prieur Leary sees the IT space, the cybersecurity field features a seemingly never-ending quest to keep up with the myriad tools and methods hackers use to defeat security and attempt to gain control of information in an IT system. However, he doesn’t think that is the only, or even the primary, challenge to IT professionals. Too often, while IT specialists are focused on hackers from outside, failures to police their own systems are causing even greater problems from within. It is the weaknesses inherent in many internal IT systems that pose a greater threat to many companies than the image of foreign hackers in dusty warehouses trying to steal from them.

    Cybersecurity seems to be a greater priority for Prieur Leary than it is for many other information technology (IT) specialists, in part because he also serves as a financial advisor for a great many clients. Put simply, if he becomes careless in that part of his IT duties, it could cost clients a lot of money and security. Since his primary mission in the financial industry is to increase his clients’ wealth, if he failed at keeping information secure, that would breach that mission to a significant degree.

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